A couple of weeks ago I started a 14 day oil pulling programme, and choosing where to buy it from was a pretty easy decision.

Cocowhite is a UK based company that produce flavoured coconut oil for a 14 day or 28 day programme of teeth whitening. Their Instagram (@cocowhiteuk) is full of before and after photos of people’s real life results and they all look pretty darned convincing. I ordered a 14 day programme of the Minty Fresh oil and began what I thought would be a long wait for them to reach me on Skye. Three days earlier than stated on my delivery email, they arrived – packaged beautifully in a very sturdy cardboard box.

Day one – my face hurts. Can’t do more than 5 minutes of swirling the oil around my mouth and didn’t notice any great difference straight away (like some people have claimed). 1 sachet a day, preferably at night before brushing your teeth (yep, before) was probably going to give me a jaw to rival Arnie!

By day seven, though, I was at the full 15 minutes recommending ‘swirling’ time and was finally used to the weird texture of the oil. It really does take some getting used to. I was even starting to see results of a sort. And I didn’t have a jaw as muscular as it was minty fresh, so that’s a bonus.

I will admit right now that I missed a couple of days and used those sachets at the end of the 14 day stretch – it was Christmas and I went out for a couple of cocktail related evenings that resulted in me coming home and falling straight into bed.

Below are my before and after photos. They’re nowhere near as impressive as most, but I did miss a couple of nights, and I do eat and drink a lot of staining foods and drinks, tea and chocolate mostly. So for my diet, and how badly stained my teeth were, I’m pretty pleased. I’ve even noticed since stopping the oil pulling that my teeth aren’t getting yellow again, but I have noticed that they’ve become a little more sensitive to brushing now. I’m not sure if that’s the oil though, or if I’m maybe being a little over zealous with my brush.


The top photo is after my very first experience, and the bottom is obviously after my roughly 14 days. I wouldn’t say they’re whiter as such, but they are definitely a more uniform colour and my mouth does feel really clean.

I think I’ll be trying a 28 day programme next, to really see if it’ll make a difference. And this time I will stick to it religiously, no matter how tired and tipsy I may be!

Conclusion: for £19.99 for 14 sachets, yes it’s pricey. But I think it’s worth trying out for yourself, and if it works really well for you then it’s not really a waste of money, is it? That’s my logic anyway, and it’s always served me well! Oh, excuse my crooked smile… I had a slight phobia as a child of pulling out my wobbly teeth, and it left me with very misplaced canines!


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