Winter is a tough time for skin – out in the freezing, biting wind and then straight into artificial heat. In and out, in and out: it seems to never end. So taking extra special care of ones skin is especially important in the winter. If summer bodies are made in winter, then so is summer skin.

Anyone who reads regularly will already know how much I love Frank Body. For any who really want to know just how much I love them, check out my review of their coffee skin scrub here. So, when they sent me an email last week announcing their new lip scrub and lip balm, the first thing I did was go and order it.

The scrub itself smells amazing, comes in the cutest little pot and works wonderfully. Apply it to clean dry lips and rub it lightly into the skin. When you rinse it off you get that same silky smooth feeling that you get with the other exfoliating products by Frank. And you can really see the difference the scrub makes. Suddenly my pale and pointless mouth was all fresh and pouty looking!

Once you’ve rinsed and enjoyed the smoothness for a few minutes, follow it with a slick of the lip balm. This is made with ethically sourced, natural beeswax and it does have a really waxy texture. As it warmed up, it became a little dewy looking, which I actually really liked. Again, it smells amazing, the packaging is adorable and for £11.95 for the two combined, it’s worth trying out for yourself.

Conclusion: Frank Body does it again and produces a fantastic product that is easy to use, cute to look at, smells amazing and really works. Now can we please have a night or eye cream?!


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