So, day seven of my writing challenge. After the first whole week, I’m actually really enjoying it. I love creating content regularly, and I’m finding it really easy to write something I’m not horribly embarrassed by for each topic (so far). Having a topic given to me really does help focus my attention. Anyway, today’s topic is what tattoos I have and if they mean anything.

I have 8 tattoos in total, 7 of which are black and grey, and one which matches my Mum’s. That was my first, so I’ll start with that one. A purple seahorse with turquoise seaweed and little yellow stars. Entirely unoriginal, since my mum already had it, but I like that it matches hers, and I love that she bought it for me for my 18th birthday. Coolest mum ever, really.

Next is my proud ‘tramp stamp’ which I got as a treat for myself after a break up. It was my first  tattoo since moving to and falling in love with Scotland, and it’s an homage to that love of my home – a rose crossing a thistle, with script reading “Scottish Import”. So trash flash, so brilliant.

Then came the rose on my shoulder, which really doesn’t mean anything personally, although black roses in traditional tattoo symbolism mean death or mourning – I just love the style!

Next came my gorgeous (currently) half sleeve of black and grey cherry blossoms. One day it will be a full sleeve of some sort, but I’m not adding to it yet because I’ve had to change my mind about it being just cherry blossoms. I got the half sleeve for my birthday one year and then a few months later a “friend” went and got the same thing, but from a much worse artist in a much uglier style. But still, I can’t stand being copied like that so I’m waiting for inspiration to strike, and I keep my mouth shut about my ink until it’s finished now!

97That’s my half sleeve cherry blossoms and my chest tatt, which came next (I think!) The cherry blossom is a traditional Japanese symbol of female empowerment, beauty and femininity. Just what I like about being a woman. My chest reads “And  though she be but little, she is fierce” which as any bookworm will know is a quote from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. To me, it’s a reminder that that’s what my mum used to say about me as a little girl. She even used to warn primary school teachers that I was “a fierce little girl”! So it seemed fitting.

After that came my memorial tattoo for my Nan, who died 15-5-13. That’s pretty self-explanatory really. And that looks like this…

99And then finally, for now anyway, is my latest piece on my back which reads “Alis Volat Propriis” which is Latin for “she flies with her own wings”. I guess there’s a real pro-women girl-power theme running through most of my ink now I think about it! My back piece isn’t finished yet, there’s one more sitting to go to fill in the shading, but here it is in it’s freshly inked form from a few weeks ago…

98I think it’s pretty obvious I like tattoos. I adore them actually, from the smell of the shop when you first open the door, to the buzz of the machine, to the finished article. The itchy healing stage isn’t much fun, I must admit, but still, the whole experience is what I love about them. I love the fact that I get to wear my memories, my family and my journey on my skin. It’s truly an art form and if I could draw at all, that’s what I’d be doing with my life now. Alas, there isn’t an artistic bone in my body.


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