P.S. This is a few hours late, but day five will be on time today!

Today’s post is 10 interesting facts about me – I’ve actually struggled to think of 10 things that are truly interesting, but I think I’ve just about got them! If you find these facts boring, please feel free to lie to me about that.

  1. Growing up, I wanted to be a lawyer – I love a good argument. I love winning. I still think I’d have made a great lawyer. But alas, life had other plans for me. Maybe in my next life I’ll get to the bench.
  2. I have owned two businesses so far – one was a very successful photography business, which only stopped trading because I couldn’t juggle that with my college course and preparing to move 600 miles to Skye. The other was a street food van on the island, which I loved as an idea, and which I had plans to grow, but thanks to my own naivety and a dodgy lease, had to shut down within the first year.
  3. I studied ballet for 15 years – I even (impressively enough) auditioned twice for the Royal Ballet School. However, at 10 years old I was told I was too fat for it and at 14 years old I was informed that I was too tall to be a Prima and would have to make do with a life in the corps. Well, I wasn’t put on this earth to be a supporting role in my own life, so sod that.
  4. I adore country music – most people look at me and think I’ll be into rock and roll and not much else. This is only half true. I hate pop music with the intensity of a thousand burning desert suns, but I love a bit of Country and Western. Get me drunk, stick Dolly on and watch me turn into a total Redneck.
  5. I’m writing a novel – well, I’m trying…And failing I might add. A publisher wants to pick it up but when I submitted it to them it wasn’t even half finished. I didn’t expect the first one to want it so I was a little trigger happy. I have until February to finish the first draft and my brain just won’t cooperate.
  6. I hate people – seriously. I choose to spend all my free time either alone or with my family or boyfriend. I avoid human contact unless it’s online, and I can’t understand people whose idea of a relaxing time is to sit around with a bunch of other people they don’t even like. I like myself too much to subject myself to adult social situations.
  7. I have a super sweet tooth – I could happily eat sugar by the spoonful. A healthy snack to me is eating hot chocolate powder straight out of the tub with a teaspoon (7 teaspoons is better than a whole milk hot chocolate right?) I’m addicted to biscuits, I take far too much sugar in my tea, I bloody love cake, chocolate sauce to me is the absolute tits. God I’m starved…
  8. I love cats.
  9. I really enjoy reading and watching period dramas – historically accurate ones only, please. I don’t want to watch something about Victorian people and have them be stick thin with perfect eyebrows.
  10. I work very hard and very deliberately to stay as pale as I possibly can – recently I’ve even been researching how I can become paler still. I find the tanned look only suits certain people, other people do it and look awful, but I know it wouldn’t suit me. I wear SPF all year round, I avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, especially during the middle of the day, and I colour my hair and eyebrows to be as black as possible to accentuate the Dulux Brilliant White skin.

So there we have it, ten probably-not-so-but-let’s-all-pretend-they-are interesting facts about me. As part of a writing challenge, this is one of the weirdest days. Tomorrow we’re back to normal I hope!


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