It’s been a very long time since I blogged – sorry. If I don’t do these things every day then I lose all motivation. I’ve been trying to finish my manuscript recently but my brain just won’t do it, so to get myself in the habit of writing every day, I thought I’d try one of these 30 day writing challenges. Let’s hope it works! So day one is ‘5 Problems with Social Media’. A nice easy topic to get myself started.

  1. Social Media makes stupid people famous – I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook the other night when I saw a photo of some pouting preening tween crying. The caption read “I can’t take the hate anymore. I faked my death to see if anyone would care but you’re all so cruel.” Excuse me? On further digging, this child, Kane Larkin, had indeed faked his suicide, posting a “statement from his family” on his page about how torn up they were over his suicide. He has hundreds of thousands of followers, he’s officially internet famous and he’s the most ridiculous human being I’ve ever encountered. Giving twisted people like that attention on social media validates all their ignorant, desperate, attention-seeking issues.
  2. Social Media makes people hate their own life – Everyone uses their social media accounts to portray this perfect, ideal version of their own life. Other people assume that the lifestyle they see online is the lifestyle they truly live, so they have to manufacture the perfect online life too. Non-competitive people become obsessed with making their life look more fun and interesting than the people they went to school with, consequently forgetting to actually live a life they want to, and being truly happy.
  3. Social Media makes people overshare – Newsflash people, I don’t give the tiniest rat’s shit what you had for dinner at TGI Friday’s, I don’t care that you’re feeling nervous and I sure as hell don’t give a toss about the “swag” you got while shopping this morning.
  4. Social Media turns parents into nutjobs – Oh look, baby Timmy in the bath. Oh look, baby Timmy covered in yogurt. Oh look, baby Timmy smiling, for the millionth time this week. If there’s one thing I find really awful about endless photos of kids on social media, it’s the lack of care parents take with them. Your social media accounts can be as private as possible and people could still google your name and find photos of your precious angel in the bath or running about the garden naked in the summertime. Why, for the love of Christ, why would you post half naked photos of your child on the internet? It’s not safe, appropriate or good parenting, plus I don’t want to look at your chubby potato of a child in nothing but a nappy. Get a grip people, there are dangerous predators online and they look for idiots just like you.
  5. Social Media is highly addictive – I check my Facebook countless times a day, Instagram is the same, I’m newly addicted to Pinterest, which is entirely destroying my actual social life, and when anyone has a conversation with me, I have to force myself begrudgingly to lock my phone so I can focus on what’s being said. You become obsessed with the number of followers you have or don’t have, daily conversations start with “I saw this thing online…” and you find yourself looking at the oddest stuff. A few weeks ago I decided to start working out at home; I searched on YouTube for videos that would help me and after 2 hours of watching said videos, I found myself inexplicably watching a tutorial on twerking! By the way, it’s much harder than it looks, and no I can’t twerk properly.

Social media has the power to connect people in an ever smaller world, but the reality is it disconnects people far more often than it should. Addictions, unhealthy obsessions and romanticised lifestyles make it impossible to get to know people standing right in front of you. A break from it every now and again is an absolute must. Switch your phone off, make eye contact with other humans, and ask them about themselves – you’ll be amazed at what you learn and how much better you feel for it.


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