Isn’t it gorgeous? Once a year, for maybe a couple of weeks at most, sometimes only a day, Skye becomes the most beautiful place on Earth. This is our summer, our respite from the grey, the clouds, the rain and the wind. Sometimes there’s still snow atop the mountains during our short but ever so sweet summer. Sometimes it’s simply better in person than any photographs will ever manage to show. But here’s a little gallery of our gorgeous Skye summer, as best as I’ve managed to capture it during the last 5 years.


IMG_00000555_edit71 72 73 7574

Hardly does it justice, trust me, but it gives you a rough idea of why so many people come to Skye during the summer. Even if it is only a week long, it does a great job at making up for the shitty weather the rest of the time.


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Wow! You have such a wonderful collection of photos from Skye. It looks like a nice place to live. My wife would be jealous living near all that water. It looks wonderful. šŸ™‚


Thanks! It’s a very easy subject to photograph but I do consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to live here šŸ™‚


Lovely pictures


Thank you šŸ™‚


Do you travel lots?


Not very often, it’s difficult to get time off work on Skye when the tourists are here. And in the winter the ice makes it even more difficult!

Fair enough , still a beautiful place to be though I guess

Really lovely yeah. I’m very lucky šŸ™‚

Sometimes the most beautiful places are the closest to home , or home itself

Definitely agree with you there!

Let me know what you think...