Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know how I feel about my new favourite thing in the world – Frank Body coffee scrub. I’d spent hours, probably, reading reviews online and looking at their various hashtags to see all the before and after photos people had posted; when I finally bought it and it arrived, I was like a kid at Christmas.

Frank Body is an Australian skincare company. Their products are all entirely natural, coffee based and full of yummy things like essential oils and other stuff your skin will love. I bought the original coffee scrub and the Everyday Facial Moisturiser. I struggle finding a moisturiser that works for me – they’re either too heavy or not heavy enough and dry my skin out. I recently stopped taking the Pill and my skin has gone crazy. So what’s Frank all about?

50Firstly there’s the packaging. It’s minimalist, plain and I think rather effective. I really like the little coded images for each product – tough, smooth, cleansing etc. It’s a really easy way to build a routine and regular skincare regimen. The coffee scrub comes in a paper bag with a resealable top – I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and haven’t had a single problem with resealing it to keep the scrub nice and fresh. I feel like some food companies should take a leaf out of Frank’s book with that.

Next, the smell. It’s gorgeous. Enough said.

Using the scrub is actually a lot of fun – I found myself enjoying it so much I couldn’t wait to do it all over again. Frank Body have a tag line that reads “Get Naked. Get Dirty. Get Clean” and it’s literal in its’ meaning. You end up with nearly black hands from rubbing it into the skin, it then sits on the skin for about 5 minutes and you look like you’ve been rolling in mud. Like this ->

49Here’s an insider tip that I’ve tried and tested – Frank body scrub is messy. It falls down a little bit on how hard you have to work to make enough of it sit on the skin. It was all over my bathroom the first time I used it and it took about half an hour of me cleaning to think I’d gotten everything. I’m still finding tiny coffee grounds in weird places, like behind the toilet or stuck to a tile here and there. So, be gentle and careful when applying it. Don’t be too enthusiastic because it does fly about quite a bit. And my little tip that works well for me is this – coffee shouldn’t really be washed down a drain. It’ll clog after no time and you’ll be stuck with a big plumbing bill. Limit this by lining your bath tub with cling film or something similar and then apply the scrub. The excess will fall into the cling film and once you’re done applying, you can fold the film up and put it straight in the bin. When you rinse it off in the shower make sure you’ve got a little square of muslin or similar secured over the plug hole. It’ll stop the bigger grains being washed away and then you can rest assured that your drains will not be Frank clogged anytime soon.

That may sound like quite a lot of work for a body scrub. But let me be honest – it’s worth every single minute. Just check out this before and after of my cheek, which was really badly covered in acne. Oh, and I’m a compulsive picker, so most of the bigger spots have been bleeding in this photo. Sorry!

52That’s a little over a weeks difference. I’ve been trying to eat right and drink plenty of water as well, but I really do think this scrub has worked a small miracle on my face! It can be used over the whole body and it leaves you feeling so soft and smelling ever so faintly like coffee that I couldn’t believe the results.

And the best part of all of this? The price. £11.95 for the scrub, free postage on any order and it arrived really fast. For what’s its done and how it is, it’s a total bargain and I’m definitely a Frankfurt now! (that’s his name for his followers)


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