So this week I’m bringing back my Beginner Beauty series with one of the most common beauty related questions – lashes. Strip lashes to be exact, because it’s a matter of willpower and sheer desire to learn how to apply them, plus there’s so many options on the market it’s almost impossible to figure out … Continue Reading

It’s one of the questions I’m asked a lot when people learn about my living situation, and it’s one that I take great joy in answering because people are always a little mind-blown by just how spacious a tiny home can be. No, there isn’t room for a treadmill or a huge fireplace with a … Continue Reading

When I was a kid I would try my hardest to ‘get tanned’, which in reality meant that I would sit my pale ass outside in the sun and burn to a crisp before peeling for several weeks and then being the exact same shade of Dulux Brilliant White that I was beforehand. I convinced … Continue Reading

Now, I’m not talking the real problems that come with being an introvert here, but more the little day to day things that so many people take for granted. If, like me, you’re an introvert with a customer facing job, you’ll definitely see something in this post that makes you go “God same”. If you’re … Continue Reading

You’ll have seen these brushes floating about my Instagram over the last few weeks, and I’ve been slowly collecting more and more of these gorgeous Zoeva Bamboo beauties for the past few months now. I’m totally obsessed and today I’m sharing my collection and talking a little bit about why I love these brushes so … Continue Reading