If you’ve never used Lightroom to edit photos then you won’t know how seriously I mean it when I say I adore it. It’s so much easier than Photoshop, with fewer needlessly complicated tools and a clear focus on good image editing. It’s the program I use for all my photos, even just to adjust … Continue Reading

Skyn Iceland is a new name to me, but as I was browsing the beauty section in Marks & Spencer the other week I came across this Skin Hangover Emergency Relief Kit and thought it sounded like something I, and everyone else, should have in their beauty collection. You know me, I love good skincare, … Continue Reading

I love food. It’s genuinely one of the biggest comforts in daily life. But if you’re living on a budget (aren’t we all?) then it can be expensive to eat really well week after week. To save myself starving to death for 3 weeks a month, I do a few different things that help me … Continue Reading

Back on my ultimate hair mask quest this week, and I was scrolling through the Boots website a few weeks ago and came across this Umberto Giannini product. Now, I’ve never actually heard of this brand, probably because I haven’t ever really paid much attention to my hair, but it caught my eye because the … Continue Reading

One of the biggest challenges of tiny living is creating storage space when you have no physical space for it to inhabit. The Gypsy Van has plenty of storage that’s not actually at all practical, so when it came time for me to organise all those annoying bits and pieces that one collects through life, … Continue Reading