In honour of Mother’s Day, I’ve teamed up with the amazing Lauren from This Stuff Is Golden to bring you a post swap about women we admire. Thank you so much Lauren for writing such a beautiful piece and for being so much fun to work with! You can see my guest post on her … Continue Reading

Happy Sunday guys! Today I thought I’d start a new mini series on the blog by breaking down some essential pieces of advice every beginner should have for perfecting certain aspects of makeup. So many people ask me makeup questions, especially about skin, so I’m starting with tools for creating the perfect base. I’ve spent … Continue Reading

Hey guys! I’m super excited to be home from Edinburgh and to be bringing my first ever vlog to The Static Gypsy! As you’ll all already know, Dan and I went to Edinburgh last weekend. It was my first time visiting the capital of Scotland, and of course I took loads of photos and video … Continue Reading

Happy Sunday guys! I’m home from the most amazing weekend in Edinburgh and my skin is needing a little love. What better way than to reach for Frank’s shiny new face mask?! Regular readers will know how much I adore my Frank skincare; it’s the one coffee related product that I really do love. And … Continue Reading

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week, in keeping with the awesome weekend I have coming up, I’m breaking down exactly what I’ll be packing for our three days in Edinburgh. I’m the world’s worst over-thinker, and as such packing is hard work for me. I have to be so strict with myself so that I actually … Continue Reading