So as long term readers will know from a previous post, I used to be a dancer. For 15 years I trained in ballet and at ten and fourteen years old I auditioned for the Royal Ballet. Both times I was unsuccessful, thanks for asking. But those years of training left me with some very … Continue Reading

Another full face of one brand since I enjoyed the last one so much. This time though someone beat me to the punch as Jeffree Star did a video on his YouTube channel of this exact thing – a full face of Nyx products. While I don’t like to keep up with him anymore these … Continue Reading

We’ve all seen the blog posts and the videos of glamorous, designer handbags and the contents within. And I’ve always watched those videos and read those posts thinking “well that’s not what my bag looks like” and I’m pretty sure these videos aren’t representative of what most young women have in their handbags. So today … Continue Reading

We all love a good drugstore foundation. And today I’m reviewing one of the latest additions to this varied roster of products. The Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation offers a shade range that’s quite rare still for drugstore foundations, and from recent high end releases, it’s even more rare to include the palest and darkest … Continue Reading

September is a good month for a lot of people. Now we’re grown ups and don’t have to go back to school, we get to focus on all the great things about the upcoming season. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer. The gorgeous sunshine, the rare heat, the long drawn-out nights; it’s just … Continue Reading