Another super awesome blog for you today and one that I’m so so excited to be talking about! A little while ago I accosted the lovely Maria about doing this post and she was kind enough to let me loose on her blog and have a good dig around. This is one of those blogs … Continue Reading

Sunday funday again and this week I’ve been playing with some really amazing glitter and created this graphic eye look. It’s a little bit mermaid, and if you added some glitter tears it would be even more amazing, but since I was going out the day I did this makeup, I skipped on the glitter … Continue Reading

Perfectionism is one of those things that’s become rose-tinted through social media recently. People see it as a badge of honour that means you’re the best at what you do, you’re a true creative with a talent for something that ‘normal’ people find difficult. The apparent downside of perfectionism is that you’ll always be striving … Continue Reading

Happy Sunday guys! This week I’m reviewing a new shampoo and conditioner I’ve been trying out that were recommended to me by my work colleague. I always try to get my hands on things people recommend to me as I’ve always found I’m more likely to find a great product that way. Hask is a … Continue Reading

I’m addicted to Tinder nightmares. Having had a few right corkers myself, I appreciate a good story of complete and abject failure at attracting another human being. That being said, Tinder unknowingly did something pretty amazing for me when I met my boyfriend Dan on there over a year ago. My tale of Tinder triumph … Continue Reading